• $18.99
  • $20.00

Linux VPS Server

made easy and affordable

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Our tech professionals keep your website always up and running

Regular Updates

Our server administrators keep VPS applications & patches updated.

DDOS Protection

We keep your server protected from all kind malware attacks.

Room to Grow

We always provide you an option to upgrade on your server.

Our Pricing

Included in every

Dedicated IP

You always get one dedicated IP address with this virtual machine


In your account, you can start/stop/reboot your server at any moment

Root Access

You'll receive the root access to your server so that you can easily install patches

Latest OS Version

You always get latest Linux which includes either CentOS, Ubantu or Debian

100% Intel Cores

You get powerful speed as your VPS is hosted on 100% Intel Core Processors

Money Back

If you're not happy with our product, we ensure you 30 days money back guarantee

Technical Specifications

Package Features Standard Professional Enterprise
Dedicated IP Included Included Included
DDOS Protection Included Included Included
Cloud Linux Optional Optional Optional
Backup & Restore Monthly Monthly Monthly

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